Vivishine, this amazing product is named after an amazing Lady, Vivian! When I started to make latex, people told me about this magical product named Vivishine’’, just put a little in a bucket after you cleaned your latex, put you latex in, dry it and your latex shines like crazy and is ready to wear! I call it magical as I’m allergic to talcum and always had to force myself to wear latex because of the itching.

I met Lady Vivian in person recently, and she told me they had invented these 2 new products: Vividress and Viviclean, and asked me to try it. Who am I to refuse „smile“-Emoticon.

Vividress is, as the name suggest already, to make it more easy to put on your latex. The first time I tried it I put in way too much, hahaha. You have to use only a little which makes it very favourable. It is sticky but it feels very soft on your skin. And indeed you put on your latex very easy.
Viviclean I’ve used in my washing machine, and it cleans real well. It has this disinfecting effect, so the latex is clean and will last longer. I’m really happy with these products, a new way to wear and shine in your favourite Latex!

Brigitte More


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