Latex need care !

Latex is an especially sensuous Material. A natural product which can be tailored by his elasticity especially body-emphatically.Beside the incomparable wear of latex on the skin above all his amusing shine arouses enthusiasm.


The right maintenance is important to preserve the brilliance of Latex/Rubber fashion.  Vivishine takes care of it so that you can enjoy your Latex clothes for a long time because it  will be properly maintained and don’t loosing their brightness.


The most impressive comments from a customer: Even the handling of VIVISHINE + VIVIDRESS becomes a pleasure!


VIVISHINE + VIVIDRESS substitutes common prodcuts like silicon sprays, jellys or polish. The handling and use of VIVISHINE products is very easy,sparingly and effectfull. VIVISHINE products enables that your Outfit stays brilliant,smooth and gracefull like the  1st day.

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