Milestones of VIVISHINE

v     2004 Start as a manufacturer from the fetish scene for the fetish scene.

v     All founders are known as active parts of the scene before the beginning of the VIVISHINE story.

v     Sales from the beginning exclusively through partners network.


Launches Products:


  • v     2004          VIVISHINE
  • v     2009          VIVIDRESS
  • v     2014          VIVICLEAN
  • v    2016          VIVISHINE „Fresh Up“


Worldwide in 128 sales shops (status 10/2016)

  • v    100 x Europa
  • v       8 x America
  • v       6 x Australia
  • v       4 x Asia


ü     We specialize in latex care - no other products.

ü     Everything from a single source - from cleaning to the perfect high gloss for all latex products.

ü     We have been successful for more than 12 years around the world.

ü     We deliver exclusively through specialized dealers.

ü     No own online shop - No own store business for us and other products.

ü     We do not use "private labeling" therefore unmistakably.

ü     More and more new innovative products - to be confirmed by the fetish scene for the user develops.


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